Bela Lubkin wrote:
> Roberto Zini wrote:
> Bela>> A second possibility is something a bit experimental. As you observe,
> Bela>> MP3 incorporates changes to the OSR5 disk geometry system (these
> Bela>> actually originated in the "Wd Supplement" portion of MP1, not in the
> Bela>> Large Filesystem Performance Supplement). While developing these
> Bela>> changes, I tried to eliminate any obstacles to 127- and 255-sector
> Bela>> geometries. Unfortunately, in the end I was not able to fully test
> Bela>> these configurations, so I can't say with 100% certainty that they'll
> Bela>> work. But it wouldn't hurt to try -- if it isn't going to work on a
> Bela>> particular driver / drive combination, it will be immediately obvious.
> Bela>>
> Bela>> If this drive is going to be the root drive and must be accessed during
> Bela>> ISL, boot with:
> Bela>>
> Bela>> Boot
> Bela>> : defbootstr biosgeom=(cyl,255,127)
> Rob> This point still puzzles me: do I have to boot with also the WD
> Rob> supplement btld or go straight on with the 5.0.7 CD ?
> Hmmm, yeah. I forgot about that part...
> If you use the "wd" BTLD from MP3 media, that gets you part of the
> necessary kernel changes. I can't remember at this point whether
> linking "wd" also loads an updated "dk" driver (which handles disk
> geometry stuff) into the ISL kernel. The BTLD does go to some trouble
> to try to ensure its updated utilities get onto the system despite ISL's
> efforts to overwrite them with the OSR507 FCS versions.
> Too many complicating factors. You're right, this isn't worth trying in
> an ISL scenario. Better to install onto a "small" drive or array, then
> add large arrays later.

The customer informed me that he ended up having 2 logical drives
recognized by the system, so the whole disk (despite of being organized
in the above way) was entirely detected and used by 5.0.7.


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