I am installing SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 on a new server for a customer. Due to legacy software which demands 5.0.7 we can not install Openserver 6.0.

The issue I have run into is that the usb_echi driver has to be disabled or the keyboard will not work after the hardware post/info comes up. If I defbootstr disable=usb_ehci at the boot prompt it works and I was even able to get SCO installed and running with the new lsil and wd drivers and install the maint. pack 5. (and yes it takes a rather interesting procedure to get it all on without a floppy drive but it can be done.)

The usb keyboard still does not work after rebooting after the mp5 install.
This would not be an issue but the customer needs to have USB working on this machine for other data devices. And there are no ps/2 inputs on the machine.
Dell T110.

We have tried two other modern servers with the very same issue: usb_ehci simply does work.

Anyone with an idea??