On Tue, Nov 04, 2008, Bob Rasmussen wrote:
>On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Bill Campbell wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 04, 2008, Bob Rasmussen wrote:
>> >A customer running Open Server 6 reported that he could not read his email
>> >(on SCO) if he was connected via SSH, but could if he was connected via
>> >telnet. Some research revealed that a telnet login set MAIL differently
>> >from what an SSH login set it. Looking at the OpenSSH source, it appears
>> >that there is a build-time option for what the mail directory is.
>> >
>> >He's using the standard sshd delivered by SCO. I am too, and it exhibits
>> >the same behavior. Is this a build bug on SCO's part?

>> What is in the user's ~/.profile and /etc/profile to set the MAIL
>> environment variable? The default settings on SCO are probably
>> /usr/spool/mail/username which doesn't work for me as we use Maildir stores
>> where the MAIL=$HOME/Maildir so it has to be set in the $HOME/.profile
>> file.

>In my standard install, there is nothing in these files relative to MAIL.
>The 'man login' seems to indicate that the MAIL default is built into the
>login program.


>> There are several options to ssh in openssh including using the file
>> ~/.ssh/environment on the remote machine to set environment variables,
>> which may or may not be allowed depending on the setting of
>> PermitUserEnvironment in the destination machines sshd_config file.

>Yes, there are various ways to fix the problem. But I still contend that
>there IS a problem in the software as it is delivered.

Possibly, but the problem is trivially fixed with two lines in the
/etc/profile file which works for pretty much any non-csh derived shell.
This is far safer than depending on the people who build software do to the
right thing (whatever that is).

export MAIL

Or for Maildir

export MAIL

Different *nix operating systems provide alternatives to editing the
system's /etc/profile, where local updates may well be nuked by system
updates. SCO OpenServer has the default profiles and such for creating new
users under /usr/lib/mkuser. The /etc/profile file on Caldera Linux had a
test for an /etc/profile.local in it where one could put local
customizations. CentOS (and presumably Red Hat) looks in the directory
/etc/profile.d and sources all *.sh files.

The location of a system's MAIL store may well not be what the vendor
originally intended. We have been replacing the default MTA and mail
delivery on SCO systems since the Xenix days, and Maildir stores for almost
a decade now which is not usually what is found in Linux distributions,
much less SCO's MMDF based systems.

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