On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Bill Campbell wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 04, 2008, Bob Rasmussen wrote:
> >A customer running Open Server 6 reported that he could not read his email
> >(on SCO) if he was connected via SSH, but could if he was connected via
> >telnet. Some research revealed that a telnet login set MAIL differently
> >from what an SSH login set it. Looking at the OpenSSH source, it appears
> >that there is a build-time option for what the mail directory is.
> >
> >He's using the standard sshd delivered by SCO. I am too, and it exhibits
> >the same behavior. Is this a build bug on SCO's part?

> What is in the user's ~/.profile and /etc/profile to set the MAIL
> environment variable? The default settings on SCO are probably
> /usr/spool/mail/username which doesn't work for me as we use Maildir stores
> where the MAIL=$HOME/Maildir so it has to be set in the $HOME/.profile
> file.

In my standard install, there is nothing in these files relative to MAIL.
The 'man login' seems to indicate that the MAIL default is built into the
login program.

> There are several options to ssh in openssh including using the file
> ~/.ssh/environment on the remote machine to set environment variables,
> which may or may not be allowed depending on the setting of
> PermitUserEnvironment in the destination machines sshd_config file.

Yes, there are various ways to fix the problem. But I still contend that
there IS a problem in the software as it is delivered.

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