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$5.0.7 basically is fine with even the newest cpu's so far, and ever =
$since about mp4 or mp5 gives you full use of hyperthreded and multi-core =
$cpu's without an smp license. However you must install smp, which =
$ideally has to be done before all other updates so it's hard to udate an =
$existing system but in your case doing a fresh install it's no problem.

Actually, it wouldn't be a fresh install. It would be the same way
I've done virtually every upgrade of my home PC for the last 18 years:
replacing some parts and keeping others. In this case, the hard drives
(one PATA*, one SCSI) stay. Since it's currently on a hyperthreaded P4,
I already have the no-charge SMP support from MP5 (and previous MPs and
UPs) up and running. (Not that I need it; I really don't do anything
CPU-intensive in Unix, nor does hyperthreading really make a dramatic
improvement anyway. But it's there, so I might as well use it.)

*: it's a relatively new drive, having replaced an older drive that
died last year, and I have no issue with its performance.

$Amazingly there are both marvell and realtek gigabit nic drivers for =
$osr5 now.

I'm currently using a 3C90x (or some variant thereof) and can
easily pop that into a slot in the new mobo if I can't dig up a driver
for whatever NIC comes built into it. That's what happened with the
current system, which has a built-in NIC from some manufacturer I've
never heard of; it's been disabled the whole time. The 3Com card is
only 10/100, but as residential Internet is nowhere near 100 in this
part of the world, 10/100 is more than enough.

$As for pci-e
$I have installed 5.0.6 and 5.0.7 on many machines ever since pci-e even =
$came out, usually with the two most important cards (raid & nic) =
$connected via pci-e. No problem there.

Great - thanks for the confirmation on this one.

$It's really a crap shoot where the only way to really know is to test =
$and actually run a while.

Noted. Thanks for all the info!
Stephen M. Dunn
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