On Apr 18, 2:04*pm, David wrote:
> I'm supporting a SCO Unix 5.0.6 machine. *I don't want to spend $1700 on
> a "fax server solution". *Instead, I'm looking for a fax modem for which
> there are drivers for SCO or generic enough for Unix in general. *I also
> need "fax software" to enable the whole endeavor.
> All I'm attempting is what is done quite readily in Windows: print to a
> psuedo-driver which, in turn, invokes the fax s/w that solicits the
> phone number to fax to and any other required info. *I don't need all
> kinds of fancy options like choices for cover pages, etc. *The
> application used by my client is strictly text-based - no GUI.
> Any advice for public-domain - or inexpensive - software to accomplish
> this is much appreciated.
> Regards,
> David

As others have said HylaFax is a solution.and is Free. There is also
VsiFax and has been used on SCO for many years.