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> ____/ [H]omer on Thursday 20 March 2008 23:04 : \____
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Breaking News: India's Final Vote On MS Office File Standard Is 'NO'

>> The Vole said:
>> We hoped that 98.73% of the total 1027 comments from all National Bodies
>> stood resolved at the BRM would be welcomed by the BIS, as it has been
>> by the National Bodies of numerous countrie(s)
>> Sounds impressive when they put it like that, doesn't it? However ...
>> 80%+ of the resolutions of the BRM were resolved by a ballot, without
>> discussion, without taking into account any dissenting views, without
>> reconciling any arguments. Indeed, there was not any opportunity to even
>> raise an objection to an issue decided by the ballot. Many of the issues
>> were decided in 6-5 or 7-6 split votes, with no discussion. How can that
>> be said to be a consensus? This is an utter failure to follow the
>> cardinal principles of JTC1 process.
>> http://www.robweir.com/blog/2008/03/...ng-mugged.html
>> That makes the Vole's "98.73%" somewhat less impressive.
>> Let's hope India's delegates are not the only one's who understand this.

> Microsoft lies a lot. It has no shame.
> More about it shortly.
> PJ thinks Microsoft could get sued for deception.

I'm sure Microsoft is cowering in their boots.
P J says....
FWIW P J says a lot of things.

If you, Roy Schestowitz are trying to put yourself on the same level as PJ,
forget it.
You aren't worthy to shine her pumps.

She has made a difference, even though I don't always agree with her, I
respect her and acknowledge her accomplishments.

You have done nothing but make a mess.
You're considered a joke outside of COLA and you know it.

Hopefully she is smart enough to figure this out and distance herself from
you Roy Schestowitz, the groupie.

Also, hopefully she has had a third party look at her Groklaw site, which
you administer, because we wouldn't want her to get hacked like your site
Due totally to your ineptness BTW.

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