Sometime ago it was "found" that so can't be run under vmware
because OSR makes some assumptions about (broken) hardware.

What's the "state of art" now?

OSR 5.0.6 do not like to run under too fast CPU 1Ghz seems to be good
but are not available anymore. (OK, my HPC has one ;-))
Too it would be nice to get rid of that 4HE(!) server hardware :-)

Any hints to move(!) an existing SCO system into VMware or similar
like with "p2v" without that long way written by Lytle David Smith in:

It's a pure server, no x required and used.
But some software was "locked" to physical sectors as "copy protection".
But the company which did such mess is not on the market anymore.
So a "new installation" is not possible.


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