Pepe wrote:
> Andrew Smallshaw escribió:
>> No. It means that the rate of change is slow and steady. You
>> don't get the sudden U-turns of Windows - witness 4 different user
>> interfaces in 15 years, MFC replaced by ActiveX replaced by .NET...

> Three replies to my post, and all three have a mention of Windows (some
> with "creative" spelling). WTF? Why are you using ad-hominem and
> bringing Windows to the table in this thread?
> I think none of those replies understood what I was talking about.

No, they understood. Well, as I understood both sets of posts, I am
assuming a bit here.

> But don't worry, I won't repeat the point here. Otherwise only god knows
> what convoluted replies I could get.

That's good, because your point was meaningless in the context of the
thread, which explains, in part, why windows got dragged into it.

Gary B-)

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