I am not programmer, but really need a solution to a problem.

I need a command line "odbc" client that will work like "isql" to extract
some data from an ODBC data source. I need to be able to call it from
within a shell script. (I can do shell scripting)

I have found http://www.firstsql.com/iodbc/ and THINK it will do exactly
what I need. However, my OpenServer box doesn't have a "C" compiler and I
really don't want to put a bunch of dev tools on the box just to try this.

1) Is is possible to compile this C source on another machine (paying
someone) and just moving the binary to my machine?

2) Does anyone else know of a commercial console app that will allow me to
call it from a command line (passing SQL statement, etc) and get delimited
results (must work with ODBC datasource)?

If compiling on another machine would work, is anyone interested?