I'm trying to get MoinMoin 1.5.4 running with Python 2.3.4 (installed
from an SCO Skunkworks binary). Python 2.3.4 (#1, Aug 27 2004,
18:22:39) [GCC 2.95.3 20030528 (SCO/p5)] on sco_sv3

One of the MoinMoin modules attempts to import cgi and triggers this

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./moin.cgi", line 43, in ?
from MoinMoin.request import RequestCGI
File "/usr/moin/lib/python2.3/site-packages/MoinMoin/request.py",
line 10, in ?
import os, re, time, sys, cgi, StringIO
File "/opt/K/SCO/python/2.3.4/usr/lib/python2.3/cgi.py", line 39, in
import urllib
File "/opt/K/SCO/python/2.3.4/usr/lib/python2.3/urllib.py", line 26,
in ?
import socket
File "/opt/K/SCO/python/2.3.4/usr/lib/python2.3/socket.py", line 44,
in ?
import _socket
ImportError: dynamic linker: /usr/bin/python: relocation error: symbol
not found: getaddrinfo; referenced from:

getaddrinfo is not supported in OpenServer 5, but it is available under
the UDK. That is, the function is present in /udk/usr/lib/libsocket.so.
I've tried adjusting LD_LIBRARY_PATH without success. My questions:

1) Is the UDK library off-limits for Python?

2) Is there an option to not use the BSD Library function?

3) Finally, is there a trick to searching for shared libaries?

Dave Harris