Hello everyone,

My brother gave me a 2GB CF card last weekend. I decided to put it in
my Series 5mx, as that's the machine I use the most. But I've always
been happy with a 64MB card up till now. EPOC software is so compact
that I've rarely used more than half of that amount. So what can I use
all that space for on a 5mx?

I've partitioned the card into four sections: 64MB for applications,
64MB for games, 384MB for static or rarely-changing data I might use
regularly. That leaves a partition of 1.5GB to find a use for. I save
regularly updated files on C: and use a trio of 16MB cards for backup,
so it would be pointless using the 1.5GB partition for those things.

I thought about putting all the downloads from the EPOC32 Games
database on there (about 60MB), or perhaps an encycopedia, as someone a
while back mentioned there's a downloadable Wikipedia available. I
could put a good amount of Project Gutenberg on there. But all these
are just filling the space for the sake of it.

Are there any other suggestions for ~1GB clumps of data that could be
useful on a Psion?

Damian Walker
The World at Strife - newly released - psion.snigfarp.karoo.net