Hello everyone,

EPOC Entertainer issue 10, the September issue, is now available from
the usual place at the URL below. EPOC Entertainer is a magazine
leaflet about games for the EPOC32 platform. Computers covered include
the Oregon Scientific Osaris, the Psion Revo/Revo Plus and Diamond Mako,
the Psion Series 5, 5mx and 5mx Pro, the Ericsson MC218, the Geofox One,
and the Psion Series 7 and netBook. The magazine leaflet is published
monthly in PDF format, as an A5 leaflet to be printed on both sides of
A4 paper.

This month, there are reviews of Darren Prescott's Castle III RPG
adventure game, and Global Posse's Scorched Cannons artillery game.
There is also the third installment of the Taking Control games
programming tutorial, about reading the keyboard. Downloads related to
this month's content are also available at the web site.


Damian - http://psion.snigfarp.karoo.net/
For email replies, substitute "psion" for "damian" in my email address.