I am Chris from Psion Shop www.pulster.de
Our post-Psion product no.1 is the Openmoko.
Openmoko is the idea of an open mobile unit.
Physically its a Linux based smartphone called Freerunner.

In some way its like in the good old days of Psion, a very livly
community, wild-west adventure athmosphere and last but not least FUN.

It's NO Psion successor in any way. But the OPEN idea is worth a look
for all Psionists. www.openmoko.org official site, but to get a first
idea, go to youtube and check "openmoko".

Besides, we still stock Psion units, accessories etc. and will continue
to sell and support the full Psion range from Org 1+2 to Series 3 and 5
to Netbook Classic and Pro.