Hello everyone!

EPOC Entertainer 7, the June issue, is now available. EPOC Entertainer
is a magazine leaflet all about games on the EPOC32 platform. Covering
the Psion Series 5, Series 7, Revo, Osaris, Geofox and compatibles, it
contains reviews, tutorials and other informative articles. In this
issue you can read the following:

* An article about adventure gaming using Frotz5.
* A review of Puissance4 in the last of the Connect 4 series.
* An extra programming workshop for the Animating OPL tutorial.

EPOC Entertainer is supplied as a simple A5 PDF leaflet, which you can
print on both sides of an A4 page and fold. You can get it, and recent
back issues, at this address:


Damian - http://psion.snigfarp.karoo.net/
For email replies, substitute "psion" for "damian" in my email address.