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Providing Employee Benefits
With the expectation of wages and salaries, employee benefits are the
primary tools by which employers attract and retain qualified
personnel for their organizations. Most employers voluntarily provide
a variety of benefits packages. Resons for providing such benefits
range from a desire to be competitive in the relevant labor market to
a genuine concern for their employee's welfare. Vacation, holidays,
sick leave, medicine, dental and vision coverage, and retirement
benefits are not required by law. If such benefits are offered, the
employer may choose to pay all, part or none of the costs. Once the
benefits are offered, however, law regulates how the employer must
apply them. The following highlights some of the key issues of each

Manufacturing Products - Permits
A company seeking to establish a manufacturing facility in California
will need to obtain the appropriate government permits for the type
and location of the business. A very handy website that provides
business with general information on permits and other requirements
California agencies at all levels of government is the CalGold

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* Royal Academy
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* Walter and Eliza Hall for Medical Research
* Bose Research Institute
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* The Regent House
* Westminster School
* Guy's Hospital
* Quebec University
* Royal Canoe Club
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* National Library of Wales
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