Hello everyone,

I've now finished the job of going through all the games in the EPOC32
game database, from Aaahh to Zher0es, gathering screen shots of every
game on all the machines in my posession. Just about all the thumbnails
should therefore be present in the database (no more "No Thumbnail"
graphics, except in cases mentioned below). The full sized screen shots
should gradually start appearing on the games' own pages as I build up
the downloads part of the database.

I've excluded screen shots in "letterbox mode" on the Series 7, as one
can see what these look like from the Series 5 screen shots. Similarly
I've excluded shots of games that show in Revo size on a Series 5
screen. I've no Geofox screen shots either, since I've not got a

I'd like to ask for help in completing this screen shot project.
Firstly, would anyone owning a Geofox be willing to capture and send
Geofox screen shots for me? I'd want them in GIF format, 640x320, so
that they're pixel perfect. As with the Series 7 I wouldn't want you to
bothered with games that just show in letterbox mode - only games that
expand to fill the Geofox screen would warrant a separate screen shot.

Secondly, I've been completely unable to get screen shots for a number
of games, either because they're commercial and I don't have a copy, or
because for some other reason I've not been able to run the games on my
machines. There may still be a couple of EPOC16 games in the list, and
possibly the occasional duplicate too. If anyone has successfully
installed any of the games below, and can provide me with a screen shot
(GIF format, full size), I'd be very grateful.

The missing ones are: Bombs Revo; Castle (by Jose M S Cardoso); Dungeons
(by Thomas Ashton); Labyrinthes; La France; Lemmings; Light Cycles;
Mastermind (by M-Mind); Memory Blocks; Monopoly; Poker (Palmanac);
Masterico Puzzle; Same (E-Noveus); Super Breakout; TrueSquare Crossword
Generator; WordBox.

Thanks for reading!

Damian - http://psion.snigfarp.karoo.net/
For email replies, substitute "psion" for "damian" in my email address.