Hello everyone,

I've been using my Series 5 Classic for some months. When I first
started using it, I downloaded and ran INST_TE.EXE to get the Add/remove
icon in the Control Panel, and to allow SIS files to be installed.

At some point between then and now, the Add/remove icon has disappeared.
I can still install SIS files from the system screen, but I can no
longer uninstall things cleanly through the Control Panel. How do I get
my Add/remove icon back?

Things I've tried already: 1. running INST_TE.EXE again; 2. doing a soft
reset, and then running INST_TE again. Neither of these has done the
trick, and I'm still without an Add/remove icon.

Damian - http://damian.snigfarp.karoo.net/
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