After what has seemed a lifetime of frantic coding on the commute
home, nSYS has finally been released.

nSYS 1.00 is quite simply a system screen replacement for ER5
machines, mimicking the ease of use and simplicity of the Series 3.x

nSYS is not designed to be a complete replacement for the EPOC32
system application, but more of an extension for those of us who miss
the Series 3.x style of working. nSYS will automatically trawl through
your entire directory structure and present your documents underneath
the application icon to which they relate, regardless of their
location. You will never lose a document again!
Documents can be launched with either a quick pen tap or by using the
keyboard... it's that easy.

More can be found at

nSYS is Series 5, 5mx, MC218 and Revo compatible. It will still work
on the Series 7/Netbook, but until such time as it is optimised for
the bigger screen, and of course colour, you will only be able to
utilise half the screen and black and white graphics when running nSYS
on the colour enabled Psions.

Hope you enjoy it. Any feedback would be great.

neuon at