Hi, I am in the USA and I have never had a cell phone. I want to get a
cell phone with Symbian OS so I can use Jajah to seamlessly place
phone calls to North America and other countries free or very cheap
(cf. www.jajah.com). (You can also do it with Java but it seems that
Symbian is better - fewer buttons to push, more seamless.) I have been
using Jajah. for months but they just introduced this new thing of
placing calls w/ cell phone without your computer.

I have done a bit of research on the web and it seems that Symbian is
not used much by US cell phone carriers. Is that correct?

What cell phone models can I get that use Symbian and that major cell
phone carriers will be compatible with?

Presently I know that the Jajah plug-in works with Nokia 6600, 6630,
7610 and N70.

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