I recently replaced the batteries in my Revo+ with 900mA (non tagged) from
Maplin. A bit fiddly but easy enough to do if you take your time and can
handle a soldering iron. However, the problem of turning off on alarms got
much worse. I think I must have exacerbated micro-cracks in the battery
cable with all the fiddling (no cracks were visible with a x10 magnifying
loupe). I used insulating tape to stiffen the cable, especially in the
areas which seem to have flexed most, and now have a Revo that holds charge
and alarms to its little silicon heart's content. Downside is that it no
longer snaps completely shut.

I think this is likely to be a temporary solution as inevitably cracks will
open-up elsewhere. Does anyone know of a source for replacement cables, or
a way of bypassing the cable with a wired bridge?