I've got a few SiBO programs for my 3c which were released as shareware.
I've tried to reach the authors (quite hard, too) but mostly to no avail.
Most of the programs are uncrippled with no nag screen - but those I can I've registered.

But there are two that aren't uncrippled.

One is Barry Childress' "Reader" - and I've given up trying to reach him now (five years is enough!).
The other is Christian Prinzinger's "DoubleData", an OPL program.
His only posted eAddress is defunct.

I was never very good at programming and I have insufficient concentration now (since my stroke).

Can anyone help?

(I'd prefer to use "Reader" as the TCR format is portable to my 5mx. The free offerings all impose a frequent nag screen - why is beyond me.)

Take care,

"Time wounds all heels."


(Sorry about the cross-posting!)