Has anyone managed to get the modem settings for MC218 to talk to a
Sonyericsson Z1010 3G phone properly. The settings that I've seem to
works to the extent that it get a response from the Z1010 modem are:

Init. (reset) string: AT&F
Data init. string: NONE
Fax init. string: NONE

Flow control: Software (XON/XOFF)
Terminal detect (DSR/DTR): Unticked
Carrier detect (DCD): ticked
Modem type: mobile

If I change Flow control to hardware (RTS/CTS) I get the error message
"no response from the modem...". The same happens when Terminal detect
is ticked. However, the problem I'm facing is that after roughly 60 sec.
the phone persistently disconnect from the Internet and this despite
having very good network connection and not moving. If any has got this
working properly I would be grateful for some hints.