Greetings fellow Psion stalwarts,

The following paragraph by Amrein-Marie Christopheis taken from a
previous thread. It concerns a phenomenon, which although rare, seems
worthy of a dedicated thread: Psion 5MX Sudden Resets. His comment
arose after I detailed my experience of using PSIWin to back up a 5MX
D: drive with corrupt files.

I've added my Sudden Reset Experience in a subsequent paragraph.


If your backup is OK and if you have checked that all you files on you
are OK than do a hard reset.

The error you had with CF and the "1779 minutes to go" message are an
indication that your internal Psion files system is corrupted. It can
happens when you use low battery and a low backup battery for a long
for example.

Test your backed up files then do it or you will have someday a BEEEP.
one beep, deeper that the two reset beeps but good enough to warn you
all is now lost in your Psion memory.

(Thanks Amrein-Marie Christopheis)

My own Sudden Reset Experiences have occured under a unique set of
circumstances. Namely, restoring the C: drive of a Psion 5MX with data
that originated in the C: drive of a Ericcson MC 218.

The most recent occurence (I can't swear it was identical to previous
occurences) went like this: After sending an SMS message through
Pro V2.88, the message failed to send. There was a loud ominous beep
(or two), and the machine reset itself.

What was previously a purebred Psion 5MX, was then possessed by the
soul of
an MC 218.

Click the Word screen icon and you get the Address Book. Clicking the
Spreadsheet icon runs the Calendar. To run Word you hit the Calculator
icon, Mail moves under the Calendar icon and so on.

Spooky! But nothing a bit of Tippex and a felt tip pen couldn't fix.
Perhaps the strangest aspect of this is the way the change seems to
totally at random. Anyone else experience this?