Today I backed up my Series 5 to a PC for the first time in weeks. It
appeared to back up ok, but since then my current Agenda just displays a box
saying 'Information - Corrupt - Continue'. I can also get a box that says
'Programme closed - Agenda; Reason KERN-EXEC; Reason No. 3'.
I have tried copying and pasting from the backed up copy but it only seems
to pick up a single entry.
I have tried restoring the Psion from the PC, but the problem remains. By
locating the backed-up agenda file on the PC (using 'Find' in Windows
Explorer) and viewing it in Wordpad, I get maybe half of the agenda in
printable form, interspersed with lines of square boxes and foreign accented
letters and fractions.
Is there anyway I can recover the whole file in viewable or printable form
either on the Psion or on the PC?
Is there any data recovery software that would help? The file had some
important information in it.
Thanks for ploughing through this.