Really appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on the inputting Chinese
into Psion.

Option 1:Get a Revo 618C
I have an offer from someone wanting to sell a 618C on the cheap - it's a
demo unit.

Option 2: Get UniFEP
A Chinese input application that will work on Psion 5mx.

I run Windows 2000 and need to input Chinese on-the-go. Laptops are great if
they last one week on AA batteries!! So Psion seems to be the best bet if I
can know how the options work out. Questions:

1) Can documents created with Psion applications in Chinese be openned in MS
Office? Word and Sheet documents are the most important but if other works,
so much the better?

2) Is it as simple as convert/copy via Psiwin? Or is other software

Anyone with working experience with one or both options are welcomed to talk
about it too.