i hard reset my psion 3c and the backlight suddenly does not work...
it seems to have reverted back to normal state, but, even the
backlight auto-off options in the menu have vanished, as though it now
thinks it is a backlight-less model..

as luck would have it, the old imperial college site, home to a few
official patches as i recall, is down at the moment (if they even have
something for this) AND also down is psion.com... surely this is not
my day... i have searched through google's usenet archive and i am
apparently not the only one this has happened to... there seems to be
a way to partially restore the function through a system call, but,
the script someone posted does not work and seems to even be
incomplete... which led me to the psionics files site...
unfortunately, while it appears the ingredients are there, i have not
the knowledge to mix them correctly into a proper remedy for my ailing
handheld and wonder if anyone could assist or point me in a direction?
while i am not lazy, and i do consider myself a quick study, after a
couple hours here trying to string some stuff together (in particular,
three bits of backlight info on page 3 of the calls list on the
psionics files site), it is looking like either this is beyond me or i
am reading materials that assume i already have some experience
in this stuff...

my 3c is primarily used in dark conditions and this will cause
immediate and frequent inconvenience, so, any assistance offered will
be greatly appreciated...