Neuvoice is pleased to announce that its Dial and Command technology
is now also available for the Nokia 6600.

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> NeuVoice's best selling handheld Command and Control software,
> complete with a new and improved recognition engine, comes to the
> Nokia 3650.
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> Key Product Features
> Voice dialling
> Advanced hands free dialling for your key contacts, allowing the user
> to say which number they want to dial (home, mobile or work).
> Quick message actions
> Open message editors (SMS, MMS, email) with the contact information
> already complete.
> Command & Control
> Use your voice to change ring profiles, start infrared & bluetooth
> services and launch the camera.
> Audible feedback
> Audible prompts & confirmation to allow eyes free dialling
> Minimal training
> one-shot training of voice commands.
> Minimal use of resources
> Battery, memory and processor (estimated footprint for application
> 300Kb with 50 voice tags).
> Noise robustness: enabling use in everyday environments & situations
> (a busy office, at a train station, on the move in a taxi, car or
> train).
> Voice Dialling & Quick Message Actions
> The NeuVoice application works with the phone's contacts database
> enabling you to associate a voice tag with an individual contact.
> Simply say the person's name and the action you want performed and the
> voice recognition does the rest. Your available actions for each
> contact are to dial them at home, work or on their mobile or to create
> a new SMS, MMS or E-mail message using the details you hold for them.
> For example you say "Stephen", the application recognised your contact
> and asks you for a command, you say "Text" and the application
> launches the SMS editor with the contacts mobile number completed. The
> table below lists the available commands:
> - Home Dial contact's home telephone number
> - Mobile Dial contact's mobile telephone number
> - Work Dial contact's work telephone number
> - E-mail Create new e-mail message with contact's e-mail address in
> To: field
> - Text Create new SMS message using contact's mobile number in To:
> field
> - Multimedia Create new multimedia message using the contact's mobile
> number in To: field
> The NeuVoice Dialler also has a fast-action feature, should you decide
> that you always want to perform a designated voice-action for each
> contact then turn this feature on. Say the person's name and the
> action starts straight away.
> Optional audible confirmation is provided at each stage so you can
> confirm you are making the right decision.
> Voice Commands
> The NeuVoice Dialler also allows you to perform key operations on the
> device using your voice. Want to change your current ring profile,
> press a button and say the name of the new profile, e.g. "Silent".
> Want to turn on the infrared but can't remember where the option is on
> the phone, say "Infrared" to start the IR receiver. The list of
> available commands is listed below:
> - Picture Start the camera application, ready to take a picture
> - Record Open the voice recorder application
> - Today Open the calendar application showing your appointments for
> today
> - New Note Start the Notes application ready to create a new note
> - General Profile Select the General ring profile
> - Silent Profile Select the Silent ring profile
> - Meeting Profile Select the Meeting ring profile
> - Infrared Start the infrared receiver
> - Bluetooth Open the bluetooth settings page
> - Inbox Open your default messaging Inbox
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> email