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This is a discussion on Re: netbook pro - Scion ; Bert I was merely pointing out that the NEW netbook pro is a bloatware machine. I still maintain it only LOOKS like a series 7, but it is a very different machine, and it won't do halt of what the ...

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    I was merely pointing out that the NEW netbook pro is a bloatware machine. I
    still maintain it only LOOKS like a series 7, but it is a very different
    machine, and it won't do halt of what the original S7 did without buying
    add-on apps..
    I still use my netbook daily to do real text input, no one is knocking
    psions, but sooner or later everyone will have to change, 'cos techlogic
    won't, otherwise you'll all be attending the computer equiv. of a steam
    rally. Those machines may look magnificent, but you wouldn't go to work on
    Currently the Psions are still very useful machines, but their time is
    limited. I recently upgraded my work machine to Orifice 2000, now I can't
    directy convert my Access databases to the Psion. They have to be resaved as
    Access97. That may be fun for someone who isn't working to deadlines, but...
    I maintain the new S7 is overpriced and its missing loads of apps originally
    found on the Psions, and therefore there are lots of machines which are far
    better at half the price.
    You must be reading my lines selectively, the Psion is a wonderful machine,
    I should know, I've owned them all since day 1 (except the revo) and still
    have my S7. Sooner or later it will let me down and I won't be able to just
    go out and buy a new one on expenses. But palms are 2-a-penny to the point
    where I can own 2, and I can fit a real keyboard and it still takes up less
    space than an S7
    PS back to the beginning - I love my psion, but I was being critical of the
    new 7
    Take a chill pill

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    > > hi all
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    > > i have just seen the price of the netbook pro for £799 + vat @
    > >
    > >
    > >

    > Didn't stay at that price for long - only three days later and it is up to
    > £950 + vat
    > Ouch!!
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    > Mike [Dundee, Scotland]
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  2. Re: netbook pro

    Did everyone see the review in the January 2004 (Issue 211) issue of PCPlus?
    Here it is scanned and OCRd for your text-viewing pleasure.

    Gareth J M Saunders
    Edinburgh, UK

    p.s. don't shoot the messenger -- I'm all for a Netbook Pro running a
    Symbian OS.

    (Taken from PCPlus Issue 211, January 2004, p53)

    Psion Netbook Pro

    Psion's Series 7, or the Netbook provide those crucial elements that smaller
    PDAs lack -- a large colour screen and a comfortable keyboard. You can't fit
    one in your pocket, but the Psion 7's eight-hour battery life was the main
    reason that so many people bought it.

    Although I hate to admit it, what would have made the Series 7/Netbook
    perfect would have been Windows. A Microsoft OS would have eliminated the
    compatibility issues between PC and Psion. It would have replaced the EPOC
    programs with the familiar Windows apps, and perhaps added support for
    Bluetooth and WLAN. The Netbook Pro -- running Windows CE.NET 4.2 -- goes
    some way to fulfilling this wish list, although Psion Teklogix has no plans
    to make a consumer variant. Instead, it's a compact solution designed for
    mobile sales, a data terminal with a battery life a Centrino laptop can only
    dream of.

    While the old Netbook boasted 32-64MB of memory, the Pro packs in 128MB
    SDRAM and takes advantage of Intel's PXA255 XScale processor. The OS
    features key embedded applications, notably the MS Word-esque WordPad, IE 6,
    Windows Messenger, Media Player and an Inbox app. The Netbook Pro is also
    much more versatile than the EPOC original. In addition to the existing CF
    and PC Card slots, SD and mini-USB interfaces have been added. With
    integrated Bluetooth support, the CF/PC Card combination enables Internet
    connectivity over GSM, GPRS, LAN and 802.11b WLAN.

    Despite its new compatibility, the Netbook Pro is still disappointing. The
    CF interface is fiddly, the headphone socket is non-standard, and the single
    speaker is located on the bottom of the unit, muffling sound playback. The
    Windows CE.NET OS gives you good customisation options, but single users
    should beware that it's less intuitive than Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003
    software. But all this must be weighed up against the Pros PC compatibility,
    battery life and instant-on operation.

    With a suggested price of around £1,000 ex VAT, it's not cheap. But if Psion
    Teklogix eventually build a 'prosumer' version, this reborn Netbook could be
    the perfect mobile machine.

    Dean Evans

    * PRICE £950 (£808 ex VAT)
    * INFO
    0161 868 0868
    * WARRANTY 1 year

    * CPU Intel X5cale PXA255
    * RAM 128MB
    * DISPLAY 800x600 colour LCD
    * OS Windows CE.NET 4.2
    * SIZE/WEIGHT 235x184x35mm, 1.1Kg


    * Instant-on operability
    * Wired and wireless connecdvity options
    * 8-hour battery Ilk

    * Consumer-unfriendly
    * Fiddly to use

    Value 6/10
    Features 8/10
    Performance 8/10
    Overall 7/10

  3. Re: netbook pro

    i artikel bqd3hv$s4n$, skrev AngloSaxonMark på den 03-11-30 16.49:

    > No other calender/agenda app I know calculates someones age (or
    > anniversary etc.) right out of the box,

    I had an old WinCE 1.0 device and one great thing about it was that you
    entered your birthdays and anniversaries in the address book/contacts. The
    the Calendar/Agenda automatically put in these dates in the Agenda. With the
    correct age too, unless I'm mistaken.

    The more I read, and the more computers I try, the more I become convinced
    that every computer will serve you well, if you make an honest effort to
    understand its user interface, and the way the device assumes you want to
    work. The only real problems are speed and instability.

    OK, that WinCE 1.0 device had a clunky interface which I hated, despite my
    excitement over my first handheld computer. And it was real slow. But in

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