Hmm - maybe I've just got used to it and not noticed it so much...


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> > I use my 5mx to take notes in lectures - I've found that with a bit of
> > practice, you get a feel for what sort of style of drawing evokes

> jaggies -
> > and you can get them to appear a lot less often.
> >
> > I could be imagining of course, but then I don't find i get so many
> > 'jaggies' as to make drawing inconvienient (theres always ctrl-z).
> >
> > i know for sure any touching of the screen anywhere else while you are
> > drawing will cause little spikes, or quite large ones depending on how

> hard
> > you touch it - it's the same with all touchpads and such like - maybe

> you're
> > touching the screen with your palm or something? although I do accept

> > does it anyway - no matter how careful you are.
> >
> > Duncan.
> >
> >

> I recently got a PPC- no signs of spikes on this. On the other hand the
> Psion can suddenly produce rather big spikes. I never used that facility
> much on the Psion- I don't need to draw many hedgehogs. (no touching the
> screen with my palm, elbow, knee or anything else- just the stylus).