John.D wrote:

> i got a second hand Diamond Mako. It should be the same as the Psion
> Revo. I find a problem when I charge the machine. By the time I plug
> the cable onto it, it beep for several times and then switch off. And
> I can not switch it on again, unless I pull the cable out of it. But
> after I finished charging the machine, it becomes normal again. It is
> somehow strange, isn't it? Please, you expert, give me a hand. I
> really need your help! Thanks a lot!

I don't really have any ideas. But a couple of thoughts: Revos are
famous for battery problems. You might find it useful to do a Web
search for information on solving Revo battery problems.

And have you tried - after doing a backup - resetting your Mako?


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