We are struggling with getting IIS 6 (Win 2003 server) to connect to a Samba share that contains some dynamically generated resources. We are able to mount the drive on the Windows server and create a Virtual Directory to that new drive using 'Connect As' with no issues. We are also able to log in and copy files to-from this directory.

However, when trying to access the virtual directory to load a PDF from IE we receive a Http 500 error, and the IE log shows the following error code:

500 16 1326

Which leads me to the assumption that even though we provided a valid login account in the Connect As settings, that the IUSR_[machine] account is trying to access the directory and failing.

We tried creating the same account on the Windows machine (with the same password) as the Unix account that we setup in the Connect As but to no avail.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.