Hi All,

I have installed samba on Redhat linux 5.
I am facing a strange problem while creating a tree of directories at one go.
For example, if i want to create a directory structure like-
by executing a command, then it creates 'abc' directory and gives following message when creating 'def' directory;
- creation was not successful for an unknown reason.
when i execute the command again, then it creates 'def' directory and gives the above message when creating 'ghi' directory. At the third attempt the third folder gets created.

I have verified, the problem is not with my command, because this works fine on other machines with same setup.

i have compared the smb.conf file with the other machines, but they are same.
I have tried using "force create mode" as well, but it didnt help.

I am really confused here. Can anyone please help.

Thanks in advance.