Hi all,

Some of you may recall a little while ago I posted a fairly complex
request about integrating samba into a solaris 10 fileserver and using
Open LDAP as the primary authentication source. Well, I got no
responses as I believe it may have been too complicated-a-request/

So, a simplification and some different questions.

1. I have a Solaris 10 x86 host that I'd like to run samba on
2. This same Solaris 10 x86 host is bound to an LDAP master (separate
host!) to get authentication information for users who have fileshares
on the host
3. I'd like to know how to go about...

....Setting up samba so that it can use the authentication information
from the LDAP master (am assuming I need PAM here somewhere!), so that
users can connect to the solaris 10 fileserver using their LDAP
credentials, then r/w/x as the correct users, maintaining permissions,
GUID's and UID's et al.

I don't think it is too complex a request, just needed simplification.
Please let me know if anyone needs further details to work out a
simple solution to this question.

Thanks for your time.


Jake Carroll | Senior Systems Programmer
The Queensland Brain Institute
The University of Queensland, Australia

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