John Drescher wrote:
>> Set force security mode = 0770 in the problematic share. This fix the
>> bug... at least, works for me.
>> --

> I am sorry I was not sure of the exact params since I am not at work
> and will not be back till Monday. Anyways for what I remember this
> behavior started happening in a samba version between 3.0.14 to 3.0.24
> and forcing the security modes with 2770 fixed the problem. At that
> time I was not using acls at all. Now I am using 3.0.30 and 3.0.28a
> with acls and still I have the forced security on public and private
> folders.
> John

Thanks John I've added that in place of the create mode and directory
mode settings and will upgrade from 3.0.25c to 3.0.30 tonight.

Thanks again

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