You beat me.
I did think of actually receiving the response in the helper, just not for very long.

I also missed clearing the req->in after each part.

Thanks for looking over that and for the better job of it.


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From: Stefan (metze) Metzmacher
Sent: 04 July 2008 20:10
To: Sam Liddicott
Cc: samba-technical
Subject: Re: [Multipart nttrans replies 3/3] Take 4: multi-part nttrans replies

Sam Liddicott schrieb:
> This patch allows smb_raw_nttrans_recv to handle multi-part responses
> even when used asynchronously from a callback.

I'll commit a different approach to fix this problem,
it'll change much less of the core code and has less potential
to bugs in the recv helpers.

here's the branch: