Hi all,

I would like to set the following configuration :
- A Samba / LDAP PDC (name : rivest).
- A NFS / Samba filer (name : brahms).

Brahms is a member of my domain.

I would like to store my windows profiles in brahms (into [profile] share).

Here is brahms setup :


workgroup = MAPMO
security = domain
netbios name = brahms
server string = Filer

config file = /etc/samba/smb.conf
encrypt passwords = yes
lanman auth = no
log level = 10

encrypt passwords = yes
password server = rivest

comment = Home de %U
path = /home/prof/%U
read only = no
valid users = %U
browseable = no

comment = Profiles
path = /home/profiles
read only = no
inherit permissions = yes
create mask = 0600
directory mask = 0700

Directories related are created.
Logged with a username on a WinXP box allow to create files in each shares.

My PDC got the following settings for logon directives :

logon path = \\brahms\profile\%U\%a
logon home = \\brahms\homes
logon drive = J:

Homes work well, but WinXP Box can't store roaming profiles ...

Last point : when I move profile share to rivest it works ! (juste
change rivest to brahms on logon path, cut and paste [profile] share
from brahms to rivest and create appropriate directories on rivest).

Thanks for your help,

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