Hi metze,

> > Anatoliy Atanasov schrieb:
> > Hi metze,
> >
> > The approach we have implemented aims to emulate Windows behavior,

> where the Schema cache is updated after modification upon receipt of a
> schemaUpdateNow request. Initially we intended to implement a much
> simpler solution, but at SambaXP after some discussion with abartlet
> decided that
> > Windows behavior should be incorporated in samba.
> >
> > If we do not support the schemaUpdateNow request, a lot of DEA will

> not be able to be installed.
> > I agree that we can go with your implementation and it's much

> simpler than what I've done. If there are no other comments I'll
> implement it right away.
> The schemaUpdateNow, is the correct way and it's fine to do it based
> on
> my patch, the dsdb_create_prefix_mapping should just update the on
> disk
> prefixMap. The schema reload will then also load the new mappings.
> metze

What do you mean by update the on disk prefixMap? Is it the ldif files or to update it in the ldb only.