In the past I have created an LDAP group 'Accounting' and used
that group to set permissions on shares coming from a Windows 2003
server. I am now trying to create a group 'Marketing' for the same
purpose. I have created the group in phpLdapAdmin and created the
group using smbldap-groupadd. Oh, and I copied the 'Accounting' group
to 'Marketing'. Each time I create the group I can see the group in
phpLdapAdmin and also with 'getent group' on linux. When I try to
modify the permissions for the directory in Windows 2003 server the
group 'Marketing' does not appear in the list of groups I can add to
the directory. There are no errors displayed, the group 'Marketing'
is just not there.

Any ideas?


openldap 2.3.30
phpLdapAdmin 1.0.2
fedora core 5
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