Not sure if this is what I'm looking for but if it's possible with samba,
I'd appreciate pointers at the correct documentation.

We've got a bunch of filespace shared out onto our samba server from
a fileserver that doesn't support ACLs, we're stuck using basic rwxr-x----
type permissions.

Each share is assigned to a Unit so we've controlled access by group and put
members of the unit into the group or just listed the users.

However, the units want shares broken into subfolders to which group members
have read / write or no access. Basic file permissions mean doing this
with further
groups and with people being in multiple units, we've soon run into the
16 group limit.
(Samba's running on Solaris and the filespace is an NFS mount)

So on to the question.

Can I use samba to overlay file permissions over the top of these shares
which could either be ldap group or user based, thus leaving a units files
all owned by the same underlying user/group and if not has anyone come
and solved this problem another way?

Pointers welcome.


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