Well, in fact, I did that because the SID was not the right one, even with
the TDB files in place.

Here is the SID I got before using net setlocalsid :

SID for domain PDC is: S-1-5-352321536-2377643675-1357696038-2929895342
SID for domain SMBDOM is: S-1-5-352321536-2377643675-1357696038-2929895342

And here's what I had on the old server :

root on aldebaran # ./smbpasswd -X PDC
SID for domain PDC is: S-1-5-21-2616637325-650964048-2930221742
root on aldebaran # ./smbpasswd -X SMBDOM
SID for domain SMBDOM is: S-1-5-21-2616637325-650964048-2930221742

I've read (but I can't remember where...), however, that the secrets.tdb
file was version-dependent

> You wrote you used 'net setlocalsid' to set the SID. According the doc
> this
> isn't necessary.
> -Remy

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