i've worked trough the samba4-howto.
Tried to install samba4 on ubuntu 8.04 Desktop (everything running in
vmware fusion) .
Installed default System plus:
libattr1-dev libblkid-dev libgnutls-dev libreadline5-dev python python-
(build-essential & linux-headers for vmwaretools)
when starting "smbd -i -M single" it hangs when trying to generate
certificates, if i only start "smbd" i can connect to the test-share
(with my mac) and read file inside, but writing new files will fail:
filename to long. i've chmod 777 for /data/test/.
Windows XP with correct dns settings will not resolve the realm nor
Should i install any further package? Is bind necessary to get name
resolution, or is it part of smbd?
best regards,
Martin Faust
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