On Thursday 08 May 2008 12:00:56 pm Chris Smith wrote:
> [...]
> ...
> > [...]

> > What I want is that the Windows machines resolve both mail and
> > mail.mycustomer.com to
> >
> > On the Samba PDC machine in /etc/hosts I have:
> >
> > =A0 =A0mail.mycustomer.com =A0mail

> As Dennis mentioned you can use the "hosts" file in Windows as well - it
> will, in most cases be searched first for such name resolution (as it
> is in 'nix).

Thank you both...

> > In smb.conf I have:
> >
> > =A0 =A0 wins support =3D Yes
> > =A0 =A0 dns proxy =3D No
> > =A0 =A0 name resolve order =3D wins host lmhosts broadcast

> That's only a directive for the running Samba's own lookups - it doesn't
> propagate to to clients.

I guess this is they key piece I missed; I was under the impression that "n=
resolve order" applies to workstations...

> Best solution, if your DNS handles outside requests as well, is to use
> split horizon DNS (BIND views, as Dennis mentioned, if using that
> product).

I see... let me ask, just to make it clear for myself: Is there any knob in=
Samba which could tell the Windows workstations "look at WINS first, look a=
my /etc/hosts second, then ask the DNS resolver"?

Joe Demeny
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