Out of the blue Vista on my laptop decides it doesn't want to mount a share
over PPTP VPN connection. I have been able to do this for a while and now I
can't. I can mount the share in the local network but I can't do it over
VPN. When trying to access the server, using "net view \\" it
shows the error in the subject. This is a path not found error.

NOTE: I have been trying to post this to the list but it's not showing up in
my emails. So, forgive me if there are any duplicates of this message on
the list. I'm finally resorting to using web mail.


OS: Sun Solaris 10 11/06 release
Samba version: 3.0.21b
Platform: Sun X4200 M2 AMD Opteron
Client OS: Microsoft Vista Home Premium

Samba config:

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from (
# Date: 2008/05/08 21:57:42

netbios aliases = bernardy, kulback, cva
interfaces = nge1
client NTLMv2 auth = Yes
client lanman auth = No
client plaintext auth = No
wins support = Yes
valid users = im_user, bernardy, cva, kulback, acctg

comment = Bernardy images for viewing
path = /data/images/image_viewing/bernardy
username = bernardy
valid users = bernardy, im_user
read list = bernardy, im_user
write list = im_user
force user = bernardy
read only = No

comment = Home Directories
invalid users = root, admin, bin, daemon, sys, adm, uucp, nuucp, smmsp,
listen, gdm, webservd, rpollard, mysql
valid users = im_user, bernardy, kullback, cva

comment = Image administrator access point
path = /data/images
username = im_user
valid users = im_user
read only = No

comment = CVA image viewing directory
path = /data/images/image_viewing/cva
username = cva
valid users = cva, im_user, Robert
read list = im_user, cva, Robert
write list = im_user, Robert
read only = No

comment = Share for kulback images
path = /data/images/image_viewing/kulback
username = kulback
read list = kulback, im_user
write list = im_user
read only = No

comment = For accounting data access
path = /data/accounting_data
username = acctg
valid users = acctg
read only = No


I can mount a volume from another Vista machine in the network but I can't
mount the volume from the Samba shares. This is only through VPN.

I have tried so many different things from the Internet that I am tired. I
have been working on this for 13 hours and can't find anything that works. I
have to believe that it's something on Vista. There could have been an
update that caused it. I had read where someone had the problem after an
upgrade occurred. I am hoping that one of you gurus has run into this and
can give me the magic formula that works. I also hope that I don't get
flamed since this is probably not a Samba problem. Need anything else please
let me know and thanks!
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