I'm experiencing a very annoying and strange behaviour with Samba since quite
some time (I guess like 2 months now or so): When I write to a share speeds
are quite excellent with up to 60 Mbyte/sec, however when I want to read
speeds are under a megabyte per second, mostly even below 300 kb/s which is
rather unacceptable in my opinion.

I went through the "usual suspects" - I did a purge and reinstall, starting
out with a minimal smb.conf, played around with the send and receive buffer,
nothing helped.

Well, now for the (in my opinion) really weird part: When I put load on my CPU
(e.g. via a simple python "while True: pass") the sending speed goes up to
about 20 Mb/sec. As soon as I kill the load-generating process the speed
instantly drops to the mentioned ~300 kb/s.

Other protocols (http, ftp) don't show this behaviour. Any possible help is
greatly appreciated!


Michael Biech, http://tikurion.net
OpenPGP-Key: http://tikurion.net/MichaelBiech.asc

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