Quoting Gerald (Jerry) Carter (jerry@samba.org):
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> Christian,
> | Debian entered the freeze stage for lenny on April 1st.
> Wow! A 5 month freeze before release? I guess I can
> understand for a distro but that seems a bit excessive.

Well, etch freeze started on Aug. 1st 2006 and etch was released on
Apr 8th 2007, so 5 months is actually *short*..:-)

For people interested in such stuff, here's the release schedule:

Early March 2008
Very soft freeze
Please start thinking about the release when uploading new major
upstream versions. Only upload to unstable if you are sure that
the software will be stable before we release. If you are not
convinced, use experimental as staging area.

Freeze of release goal list
We will announce the final list of release goals and report about
the progress made in each area. At this point, goals which look
too hard to complete for lenny will be removed from the list (and
automatically put on the list for lenny+1)

Start of the second BSP marathon for Lenny
See below for more information about this, but you can and should
help with it.

Early April 2008
Freeze of the essential toolchain

Mid of June 2008
Freeze of the non-essential toolchain and all libraries
The "non-essential toolchain" means things like debhelper, cdbs
and a big chunk of other things usually needed to produce binary

Mid of July 2008
Full freeze
Please don't wait with uploads for the last day before the freeze,

September 2008
Release lenny!

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