Toby Bluhm wrote:

>> Judging by what I see through the web interface, there must be SOME
>> type of user info stored, but how or where I don't know and can't see.

> I was talking about saving the Linux filesystem info. Do your rsync to
> the NAS, then do a recursive getfacl, redirecting the output to a file
> on the NAS.
> When you do an rsync back from the NAS, correct the owner/perms with
> setfacl.

Trouble is that I CAN'T do my rsync to the NAS drive because it doesn't
give me the access privileges I need to write to the NAS. The rsync
wants to change owner and the NAS won't let it do that.

> Better yet, look into dar - - a tar like backup
> designed for saving to files on disk. It shouldn't care (much) about the
> filesystem it's stored on.

Thanks. I'll check it out!

Best Regards,

Rick J.
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