2008/4/28 Novgorodsky, Sergey :
> Hi -
> We run Samba 3.0.24 on Linux to provide a shared drive for DiskXtender (archiving/backup software),
> which copies/moves files from Win2003 to our share.
> It works fine, but we've had one problem recently :
> DiskXtender complained that "File Thumbs.db cannot be moved because the media ARCHIVE does not support named streams."
> ARCHIVE is our shared drive. As I understand, Thumbs.db has Alternate Data Streams and our Samba server doesn't support named streams,
> but shouldn't we be still able to just copy/move the file?
> How would a client know that Samba doesn't support named streams, which calls are used to determine that?
> Are they exposed at VFS module level?

Named streams are supported in Samba 3.2.0pre3. Give it a try, we have
two VFS modules to support different store for named streams. For more
see in source/modules/vfs_streams_*.c

/ Alexander Bokovoy