Hi James,

> > For some unclear reason not all Mac clients ask the SMB server for=20
> > this request, so if someone wants to look into it be=20

> advised that it=20
> > is not easily reproducible.

> The Apple smbfs client doesn't use this operation. I think=20
> that it was developed by the Thursby folks. Thisn might=20
> explain why you only occasionally get reports - only people=20
> with the Thursby SMB client installed see the problem.

Thanks for this link, indeed the Mac client I saw this happen on had
ADmitMac (by Thursby Software) installed.=20

This clearly does not work anymore, perhaps their software has changed
or perhaps the Apple smbfs has changed, no idea. Who's in charge of this
code in trans2.c ? We have figured out this problem with a bit of luck,
I'd hate for others to stumble on the same issue again. I wonder if
Thursby guys are aware of it at all.=20

Shlomi Yaakobovich, CIFS Architect - R&D Core Technologies