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Karolin Seeger wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 03:49:04PM -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> I've gone through and created a set of proposed patches
>> that will bring the v3-2- -test and -stable trees back in
>> line with each other. At http://www.samba.org/~jerry/v3-2-patches

> thank you very much! :-)

> There are some patches at the merge list which I would
> like to see on the revert list instead. We decided to
> pick only bug fixes, segfaults and regressions for
> 3.2.0rc1 and on the list are e.g. raised debug levels,
> fixed typos and things like that. Here is a list of
> patches I would like to revert in v3-2-test instead
> of merging them to v3-2-stable:
> -0004-Remove-hard-coded-sizes.patch
> -0007-Add-in-a-nice-big-comment-explaining-why-SamLogonEx.patch
> -0011-Fix-some-ignoring-asprintf-result-warnings.patch
> -0013-increase-log-level-for-this-failed-setsockopt-call.patch
> -0015-fix-some-extrasemi-compile-warnings.patch
> -0017-errors-add-WERR_INVALID_DOMAINNAME.patch (?)
> -0018-vfs_cacheprime-fix-C-warning-make-implicit-cast.patch
> -0020-rpc_parse-fix-assignment-discards-qualifier-warni.patch
> -0023-Remove-two-pointless-else-branches.patch
> -0025-Fix-typo.patch
> -0026-loadparm-reformat-fix-whitespace-tab.patch
> -0027-Strip-whitespace-in-ntsvcs-rpc-server.patch
> -0028-init_srv_share_info_ctr-Add-debug-messages.patch
> -0029-Fix-an-uninitialized-variable-warning.patch
> -0036-rpcclient-Add-getdispinfoidx-command.patch
> -0037-rpcclient-Add-tiny-fix-for-cmd_samr_get_dispinfo_id.patch
> -0038-srv_winreg-add-a-debug-message-to-_winreg_CreateKey.patch
> -0040-configure-fix-a-comment-typo.patch
> -0041-docs-fix-indentation-in-expand-smbxonfdoc.patch
> -0043-Fix-a-nested-extern-declaration-warning.patch
> Do you agree?

Hey Karalinn,

My reasoning for including these (after a brief read
over the patch $UBJECT line) is that I expect we would
probably take them for 3.2.1. So if we revert them now,
we'll just have to re-add them later. I believe all are
low risk, but the actual patch authors should comment.

I realize they don't meet the must-have-criteria we
agreed on but with the late branch, we just have to figure
out the best way to bring -stable and -test back in line.

Not that I have not done integration testing with that
complete patch list to -stable. Only a compile test I

cheers, jerry
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